Tailor-made Kippahs for every Occasion

Whenever one thinks of a kippah all he think is a skull cap of great design, material, and comfort and of course value for the money. In the contemporary market Suede kippahs are getting more popular. Suede Kippot were first introduced in the late 1960’s when suede was selected up in vogue and came rocking into style. With suede being all the frenzy, garnering up virtually everywhere, it didn’t take long for someone to say, Hey! Why not Suede kippahs?! Hence, the journey of suede Kippah began. However, because it couldn’t be cut like its popular ancestor, the 100 year old legitimately flexible satin Kippah, it somehow never looked right…The revolution was at a junction, with many vociferously calling the idea a disappointment, but after some intense discussions and heated considerations in old Polish “Yiddish” the Brooklynite designers investigated with a flatter, more open cut Yarmulke, secure by a pair of Kippah Clips… the rest as they say is history. Now, the worldis more into suede skull caps.

Then the Knit Kippahs came up in vogue which are truly custom-made from top quality materials, beautifully tailored and hand crafted. Select a color to suit your taste, or your style; and complement it with the faultless trim. Then, custom stamp the underside, to create a cherished wedding or bar/bat mitzvah memento.The knit kippot has great connotation in Jewish culture. Mizrahi Jews, who place reverence for the true essence of the Torah at the centre of their faith, have been wearing this distinctive style of kippah for generations. Wearing a Kippa seruga is not only a manifestation of belief, but an indisputable statement of your gratitude for your inheritance and antiquity. The impact and beauty of this kippah style makes modern kippah makers proud to offer knit Yarmulkes hand crocheted in this intenselyevocativecustom. Preserving the perfect sizes along with 108 stitches is the way to produce a perfect Kippa for oneself.

Raw Silk Kippahs are not something oneshouldmiss as it’s an interpretation of the rich culture and heritage of the Jewish community. The silk expresses elegance and Royalty and it is clearly depicted in the making. Right from marriageceremonies to everydayprayer Raw silk kippahs are turning heads wherever it is being worn by whomever. Actually right from Pope to celebrities to common people whoever follows Judaism loves the touch of the silk on their head as a mark of their practise and belief.To be honest, one can find a large horde of such skull caps on internet where ordering and buying is just a simple procedure. So, select any of the Suede kippahs, Knit Kippahs, or Raw Silk Kippahs which are tailor-made Kippahs for every occasion of your life.