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A Kippah (in plural Kippot or Kippahs) is the Hebrew word for skullcap and know in Yiddish as Yarmulke. This is a thin rounded skullcap worn by Jewish men and boys and in sometimes by both men and women in Conservative and Reform communities. Raw Silk Kippot made of superb lush silk and fully lined with a stark white cotton lining. There are some reputed online brands that you can trust with the Kippot for your special day. We vested enormous efforts to bring you a product that will stand above the rest. Starting from the shape of these perfectly formed Kippot to the finishing, and state of the art personalization. Our Raw Silk Yarmulkes are the luscious choice for the ultimate critics. However, we must know that Jewish law men are required to cover their heads when saying God’s name when they are praying or reciting a blessing also during studying Torah or in Synagogue. There are many varieties of kippahs like-Raw Silk Kippahs, Yamulkas, Kippahs for sale etc.Raw silk Kippot Personalized and Bulk Custom raw silk Yarmulkes by A1 Skullcaps? There are various leading source of personalized raw silk kippot, Yarmulkes and raw silk Kippahs for all your bar mitzvah, wedding and any other simcha. The kippot are custom and top quality kippot. Each of the bulk kippahs are beautifully Personalized and hand crafted. All kippot come with free custom imprint. Be proud with designer raw silk yarmulkes.



The word yarmulke is derived from the Aramaic phrase “yira malka,” which means “awe of the King.” The name implies a great deal about the yarmulke’s purpose. As Rabbi Shraga Simmons explains, the yarmulke is a tangible reminder that God exists and monitors our behaviour. The external act of wearing a yarmulke, writes Simmons, creates internal awareness of God’s presence. Ideally, it encourages the person who wears it to watch his behaviour and make improvements when necessary. Rabbi Yisroel Cotlar likens the yarmulke to a uniform. Hopefully, writes Cotlar, wearing it helps a Jew take himself and his service to God more seriously. Hence, wearing Yamulkas is just a part of culture of every Jew and nobody can deny that. Keeping their faith and love in mind several kinds of Yamulkas are being designed and produced to cater to the Jewish people in general.



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