The Jewish Hat – Kippah

It has been observed that the covering of the head is one of the religious commandments which are being followed by the people belonging to Islamic or Judaism religion. During any prayer or while visiting the places of worship it is worn to cover the head portion. This cap covering the skull of the Jewish is known as Yamaka or kippah.

Leather Kippahs

Leather Kippahs is the name in Hebrew for the hat of Jews. It is regarded as the symbol of identity after the Star of David. You will be amazed to know that not only the men and young boys who use to wear in the traditional manner but even the ladies use this traditional hat in order to mark a reaffirmation reminding people of their faith.

The importance of Yamaka in the religion

Rainbow Jewish kippah is regarded as one of the Self-effacement and reverences. It is mainly worn to acknowledge the fact that the almighty God who is above us always keep a watch on each and every deed committed by their children. Hence, these customs of covering the head bring a sense of implication that the people are just a mere servant of their higher authority god. Even in passages like “Talmus”, it has been specifically instructed to its entire follower for covering their heads in order to mark an acknowledgement for the higher authority.

Even the followers of Judaism have embossed Kippahs while praying or even studying the Torah in order to show respect for their almighty god. You will be amazed to know that some of the Jews cover their head throughout the day by this religious cap just in order to show their true devotion to their cultural tradition. There are even people who do not actively practice the same culture and they put on this Kippah only in occasional manner. For them, the occasional events include all the wedding function, funeral ceremony and other religious related function. They wear this cap just as an identity for their religious sect.

One of the most unique features of the Jewish tradition is that though the covering custom of the head is followed in a wide manner it is neither a commandment nor any related obligation from their religion. Though earlier this entire cap was made up of black color using velvet material but now it is being made available in a number of design, material as well as color.