Importance of Kippahs among Jewish

Kippahs are mostly worn by the Jewish as a custom in their religion. One can recognize Jews by their dress and Kippahs on their heads. Kippahs are we can say is like brimless cap and are generally round in shape which are worn by people of all ages from newly born child, kids, men, women . Verities of Kippahs are found in different designs, styles and fabrics to be worn in different occasions, functions and events. Kippahs are found in different sizes and for all ages of people. The Jews always wear a kippahs before entering any sacred place like synagogue and cemetery as a mark of respect to God.It is suggested that a jews should cover his head all the times except bathing and while sleeping and should not walk for more than four cubits without wearing a kippah.

image-35.asp_Different kippahs are meant to be worn on different occasions as the jews wear bright colors kippahs during any special functions or wedding where as they wear dark colors kippahs on any sad event like funerals or any death rituals. Satin kippahs are made off finest quality satin fabrics which will give an amazing look and is suitable for any formal or casual occasions both, it can be worn for any occasion and gives an elegant look when worn . Knit Kippahs gives a comfortable feeling when worn as it is very soft and fluffy because of the knitting done ,as is elastic which gives a stretchable feeling and is also very light weighted which is the most important advantage of this kippahs. The Knit kippahs also give a personal touch and feeling with the maimage.asp_101ker as well as wearer. Deluxe Satin Kippahs are worn all type of occasions and functions ,it gives a very luxurious feeling when worn because of its glossy appearance and its fabric which is very smooth enough therefore is very comfortable to wear and is considered to be the best Kippah among all.

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