Kippahs and Yarmulke- Their significance in the Jewish Religion

A kippah is a traditional and religious cap, actually a skull cap that is worn by Jewish men mostly during prayers and other religious activities. The kippah is an absolute must for a practising Jew who follows his faith diligently and is also a sign of the religion. A kippah is an important part of the identity and the culture of Jews around the world. To know more about the significance of the kippah, read on for more information.

The word ‘Kippah’ originally is an offshoot of an older Aramaic word that meant ‘covering’ and that is exactly what the Kippahs does-it covers the head. According to the ancient beliefs, the Divine resides above the head of a person and to respect the Presence the head must be covered. The covering of the head is not to be worn at all times but must be worn during prayers, while blessing or during religious events. The kippah is also known as ‘Yarmulke’ which is primarily used in Poland and has Polish meanings.

The Kippah finds mention several times in the Talmud and one of the more famous fables involves Ray Huna, the son of Ray Yehoshua who was said to have never walked more than Four Amos or Eight feet without his kippah or head uncovered. He did this in respect of the Divine that is over his head and by wearing the skull cap he is paying his respects to divinity.

This story is often cited as an example of the necessity of covering the head at all times but it has also been mentioned that during religious activities a Jew should not be without his kippah. The absence of the kippah still attracts disdain but it attracts the most negative reaction during religious activities like praying or blessing.

The Kippah or the Yamulkas are often designed and made by community members but those have been outsourced and one can easily find them online. The skull caps come in a variety of cloths and materials including suede, satin and even raw silk giving buyers a number of options to choose from. Several religious sites offer Kippahs for sale of attractive designs along with plain ones of the highest quality and more often than not the proceeds from such sales go for charity which is always a great motivator to buy more of these. The kippahs or yarmulkes carry promises of high quality at affordable rates which means that not only will you have a durable skull cap but also donate the money for a just cause.

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