Various Kippahs for Diverse Occasions

A Kippah is one of the most readily distinguishable items of the Jewish faith, characteristically worn during times of great impact such as prayer, weddings, faith ceremonies or other special occasions. Some codes of Judaism even call for a Kippah to be worn at all times. Kippot are intended to show deep reverence and pride, often being among the most beautiful items in any religious wardrobe, and for those who only wear their finest in worship, Zion Judaica offers a line of premium Satin kippahs.Similarly, a sport Kippah is also very important in the lives of the Jews.Indeed, wearing a Kippah is a big statement, and obligates the wearer to live up to a certain standard of behavior. A person has to think twice before cutting in line at the bank, or berating an incompetent waiter. Wearing a Kippah makes one a Torah ambassador and reflects on all Jews.

So, whether its Olympics, regional games or International games one is bound to wear sports Kippah as it makes one’s faith in his own religion much stronger. Nowadays, Officials of both national and international games allowing its players to wear their Kippah and No more the world is intolerant to one’s personal faith. However, one must select a good medium through which one can buy the good stuff.Aaron Liberman, a former high school basketball star and current walk-on at North-western University, was recently spotted in an Under Armour branded kippah. The unique vision of the religious headgear served as a marketing platform and much more. So, what are you waiting for, buy your own Sport Kippahs and be proud of your own beliefs and religion.

A kippah that’s white, or colorful, can imply a more modern outlook. A Kippah with an obvious crease in it probably indicates that the Kippah spends more time folded in the wearer’s pocket than on his head. This usually means that the person is observant enough to want to cover his head while attending synagogue or saying blessings, but not all the time. The Kippah that tends to indicate the lowest level of observance within the Jewish community is almost certainly the black (or white) silk variety that is often given out at funeral homes. These basically function as single-use Kippot for people who don’t already own a Kippah, and this is a reliable sign that the person is not an authority on Jewish practice. If you want to wear a Kippah but avoid being seen as an example of an observant Jew, the black Raw Silk Kippahs is the way to go.

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